Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fast Food and the Parenting Idealist

Reading the new Anthony Bourdain article, which was awesome by the way, brought up a conversation I had with a coworker a little while ago. I will preface this rant with an admission, my child is still in utero so I have no practical knowledge of child rearing but I have never let practicalities stand in my way.

A coworker who knows my aversion to fast and processed foods asked me if there is anything that I missed eating. I replied that I liked chicken mcnuggets when I was a teenager. She asked how long it had been since I had one. She was aghast when I answered,"More than a decade."

"But what about when you have your child? Won't you take him to the play area or get him a happy meal?" I told her that the park would have to do because I wouldn't feed that stuff to anyone.

How is it weird to keep food away from my child that has been linked to obesity and diabetes, contains mercury and is addictive? How is it different than protecting my child from the many other dangerous things he is going to want to do?

The average American eats 159 fast food meals per year according to Kathleen Aicardi, M.Ed. so I acknowledge that I am in the minority. Even so I will continue to vote with my wallet and buy and grow healthy food for my family.

Sorry for the linkfest but I am always asked for citations on this stuff. I would like to acknowledge the creator of the picture above but I was unable to find a source. I have no direct link for the Kathleen Aicardi, M.Ed. info because the old link doesn't work.

I will climb down off of my soapbox now.

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