Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 trees down and 1 to go

Blue Mountain Tree Services came over and removed a nuisance fir tree and a danger pine tree.

2010-05-13 10.42.17

The fir tree was just outside our bedroom and it rained cones and branches on the house every time the wind blew. After the last storm we were ready for it to go.

2010-05-13 11.06.33

I called them in for the fir but when Jeff saw our pine tree he immediately noted that is was dangerous due to it's double top and multiple widow makers. It was also directly outside our newly painted nursery-to-be and baby trumps tree in the Jered version of the roshambo.

2010-05-13 11.30.10

I will be busy with this mess for a while. Hopefully I can get this taken care of and get my scheduled plantings done.

As for the garden, I hope to get my second planting of beans and third planting of peas in. I might plant the tomatoes out :) , get the second and third plantings of greens in and the peppers out to the green house. The grapes are all going crazy except my Price which seems to have bought the farm.

What am I going to do with all of this space opened up by removing these large trees? Fruit! I should be able to get another 6 trees in this space. I might even find the Pawpaws I have always wanted. I am really excited about that!

Until next time

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