Friday, February 12, 2010

It has been raining for most of the week so I have gotten nothing done... and the Olympics opening ceremonies because they are on.

I plan on spending at least 1 day this weekend out there, rain or shine. If I wake up and it is raining, I am going to take the wife to Silverdale for maternity clothes because she needs some. It is our first child so she still needs to get geared up.

I love the Olympics but the lip syncing is horrible. I am glad that the athletes can't phone it in like that. I apologize for the odd comment but I am watching the opening ceremonies while I type. Bryan Adams co-wrote the song and doesn't know when to hold the prop mic to his face. Suxxx

Anyway.... the wet has kept us from gluing the seams on the greenhouse so I might get that done if it clears up. If not, I am going to top-dress the greens area and plant something. I know it is February but the temp is plenty high enough.

I planted some lemon cucumbers in the house and they sprouted in 5 days. I have planted them out doors before and it took weeks for them to get going. Now what am I going to do with them for the next month? The strawberries have been exactly the opposite. There has been about 20% germination and they are super small still.

Everything else seems to be going to plan though which is amazing. I really need to get on the garden plan but I have never had a garden big enough to need one so I don't know where to start. The best way I know to start an overwhelming job is to pick something and to it. That is the next step.

The opening ceremonies really improved after the Bryan and Nelly song got over. They have done an incredible job. It is so beautiful. I loved the native thing during the march as well with the dancing in costume. Great job Canada.

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