Sunday, January 31, 2010

The garden is finally to it's final size and Zoe

Ron spent yesterday rototilling and he spent today sore and laying around. He did get a lot done and has gotten to the final size of 88' by 34'. We are not quite to full depth on the north side but it is almost finished. I have moved all of the dirt from our old raised beds to fill in the hole made by the removal of all of the playground gravel, many bags of used coffee grounds and piles of wood chips have been mixed in, and the majority of the large rocks have been pulled and moved over next to the fence.

The next step is planting. The north side will be our greens, carrots and beets area. I will start planting those as soon as we get that side done. I am going to take advantage of this crazy weather and get it started. Everything, including the farmers almanac (ya, ya, ya, I don't want to hear it), says that we are due to keep this weather until the end of march.

You can also see some pipe on the right. That will be our small greenhouse for this year. I will be moving quite a few starts out there to harden them off in about a month.

We have had a new addition to our family and no the baby is not here really early. We adopted a playmate for Seven. Her name is Zoe and she is beautiful. We were lucky to find a really good girl who is super mellow and loving. Thanks to our good friend Nell, we were able to hook up with WAGS, a local animal rescue group. Paula, thanks for not giving up on us when we took our own sweet time.

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