Friday, November 6, 2009

So I am looking at a new smart phone.

I have resisted getting one this long. I have Verizon and I love their coverage here but, until now, they have required that all data run through their network and disabled the wifi capability of every phone. They say it is to insure the quality of the customer experience but everyone knows that it is because they are greedy and charge high rates for data.

Now Verizon has released the Motorola Droid and the HTC Eris. These are the first to offer both the Google Android operating system and unlocked wifi. The Droid also includes the Google maps turn-by-turn GPS service which precludes the need for VZ Navigator. VZ Navigator is the program Verizon uses to charge you monthly to allow you to use the GPS capability of the phone you bought and paid for.

I don't know if this shows Verizon has recognized the need for and is moving toward a more modern customer-centric view. A view that the customer as more than just a cash cow that needs milked for every little thing. Really, I am pessimistic of this and must assume that Google made them do it.

I don't mind paying for what I want but I already pay monthly for your service. I want to pay for any software, music, ringtone or addon once and then it is mine. If you consider it a license, charge me for the software and then renew me once a year. With the cost of one year of the VZ navigator service, you can buy a whole navigator for you car.

I am happy with this change, no matter how or why it happened, and I may very well vote with my wallet for this to continue. I hope it does continue, I want to feel like a valued customer.

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  1. For a cellphone we have a prepaid tracfone. It is cheap. If I was going to get a smart phone I would go with the Apple iPhone. We have two iPod Touch which are essentially the same thing as the iPhone but without the phone. They have the 'smart' part. They are great devices, easy to use, long lasting batteries and very rugged. I've dropped mine from four feet onto concrete and my son dropped his twice from 10' onto concrete and once it was dropped by our daughter from 8' onto wood. Drop testing is not recommended but they have passed these tests. Your results may vary, of course. :)