Saturday, November 14, 2009

If it ain't broke then don't fix it.

I was wrong and Ron was right proving again that I should leave machine diagnosis to others. There was nothing wrong with the tiller. Some oil just happened to get burned but nothing is damaged. This means the time that I had set aside for repair was spent tilling. He also tried to explain how to service the undercarriage of my riding mower. I think it would be wise for me to leave that to the professionals.

As you can see, there is still some shovel time left to do but I move closer every day. We are going to enlarge it further as well. Ron suggested using the fence on the left of the picture as trellis for the beans and peas. That is a great idea and I am going to use it. I don't really need to be able to drive around the whole thing. This will extend the width to 32' and I am thinking that the new length will be at least 80'. Maybe I should just cut to the chase and just till the whole thing. ;p

I am really getting a kick out of this gardening thing. I should have started this a few years ago when we first bought that lot.

On a totally different subject, I have been sporting a beard for about a month now. I have noticed a few peculiarities. Maple syrup and beards seem to be inexplicably drawn to each other. A beards holds an amazing amount of liquid. Beards let you experience wind in 3D. The best thing about having a beard is that I no longer get carded for beer. Yes grocery store checker, I HAVE been over 21 for 13 years.

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