Friday, November 13, 2009

I break things.

I have an amazing aptitude for breaking things. My Wife and Mother-in-law spend the Christmas season searching for tools labeled unbreakable. I have even bent a breaker bar.

As a side note, there is an interesting fact about unbreakable shovels, the warranty only covers the handle. They don't give you a new one if you break the blade. That should be large font information. It should be in big letters right next to the stupid,"Wear eye protection," note. Two of those have met their demise at my hand.

I know that I need to go easy with all of my tools and equipment but there is a difference between practical and theoretical knowledge. With that statement in mind, I broke my new rototiller.

It is called a horse, I assumed that would be a reference to a Clydesdale. I ran it hard for about 3 hours and it started blowing beautiful clouds of white smoke. I shut it down, parked it, researched it and the internet tells me I may have blown the head gasket.

I am far from mechanical so I have enlisted help. Yes, I work with technicians but that condition is not contagious. My buddy Ron is coming in the morning to look it over. He seems to think that sometimes things just blow white smoke. I do not know much about these things but causality is universal until you hit quantum mechanics.

I will let you know.

Until next time

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